Theoretisch weiss ich’s.

Genau wie sich’s gehört.

Ich schieb die Kurve nach rechts, suche das Gleichgewicht.

Hab’s analysiert.

Oder doch wieder zu viel investiert?



Doch praktisch.

Sieht’s ganz anders aus.

Vielleicht sind doch die externen Faktoren Schuld?

Aber ich hab’s doch theoretisch intern abgespeichert.


Und damit die Realität versaut.

Theoretisch sollt ich’s wissen.

Doch praktisch…


Getting over post exchange blues: a letter to Filipe

A couple of days ago one of my fellow Adelaidian exchangies posted an emotional status on Facebook about missing the lovely city, longing for friends and feeling like a stranger back home. I can empathise, and judging by the 107 likes – so can many others.

I could sense that his sadness runs deep and it struck a chord in me, all of a sudden I found myself typing an essay long reply.

This is what i came up with…words for him and all the others that feel like strangers at home. 


I f**king miss Adelaide too.

But I f**king miss the people one hundred times more.

I think we all went through a post-exchange blues stage, and we can all relate to you on some levels.

I remember the night you and Helen got emotional about having to leave Adelaide soon. You talked about it changing you as a person, you leaving as a completely different one and this city having become your new home. I feel you. Even remembering both of your emotion that night, moves me.

I can only speak for myself that, I returned as a different person too. And although I can relate, I can only imagine what it would have been like to spend so much more time away from home, like you did.

But your words now, are hard to read.

The fact that you feel like you can’t be yourself saddens me.

So hopefully these few words will encourage you otherwise.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-18 um 08.28.01

Imagine you had never gone.

Imagine you had never found the true Filipe. Met the loving people that surrounded you, opened up your eyes to a new way of life, and let you live without constraints.

Imagine if you didn’t know any better.

But you do know better. You now know, who you truly are, when you are happy – when you can be yourself.

You know the kind of people you want to be around, and what kind of experiences you want to share with them.

To be fulfilled. To be Filipe.

Having that powerful knowledge is worth a lot more than your memories.

Why? Because it’s the power to influence your future.

The guy who is probably still walking around the streets of Adelaide should be walking around the streets of Vitoria.
There’s only one place where you ‘belong’ – and that’s where you can be yourself… where you can be happy.

Maybe that’s the place you come from. Maybe not.

Maybe that’s around your oldest friends and family. Maybe not.

And sometimes that means letting go of people. Changing your environment.

If you don’t feel like you can be yourself around the people you’ve returned to. Maybe it’s time to start a new, to look further. just like you did in Adelaide.

I know it’s all well and good talking about this crap. Because it’s hard. But it’s even harder being unhappy.

are some things that have helped me get over exchange blues, maybe they can help you too.

  • Telling people about my adventures: any time I get to tell someone about the adventures I had, the people I met and the beauties of nature I’ve seen, they’re eyes widen with awe. People ask me about where to travel to, just knowing the fact that I’ve inspired others to seek a country so far away is amazing to me. My step sister just returned from Bali and Australia, another friend Kathi who’s also studying at my Uni is talking about doing her exchange in Australia – and I’m kicking their asses to go!
  • Surrounding yourself with loved ones. I missed my loved ones a lot, especially my family. I think once you go abroad for a while relationships take a test, the ones who actually care call and text, or even send a package with some goods to remind you of home. Coming home to those meant the world to me, and I seem to appreciate them even more so now.
  • Appreciating how INSANELY lucky I am, to have gotten this opportunity in the first place. I could go on about poverty and what not. But I’m sure you get the picture. We’re lucky people.
  • Meeting exchange students in Vienna, we have a Buddy Programme at our Uni where you get matched up with exchange students coming in – so we get to meet exchangies in Vienna and to experience some of their time here.
  • Keeping in touch with the others. Everybody seems to get back to their own lives quite quickly, so keeping in touch can be quite difficult. But i love hearing from the others and seeing what they’re doing on Facebook. In Europe we’re lucky enough to be able to visit each other quite easily, but knowing I’ve got friends to visit all over the world is amazing to me.
  • Dealing with people. One thing I learnt whilst on my exchange is having to deal with and put up with people I normally probably wouldn’t. And surprisingly you tend to learn things from these people too, you learn to appreciate them for being different and open yourself up to new views and cultures. You become more tolerant. So although some people don’t share the same views, or sometimes don’t agree with your choices…you learn how to deal with it and how to deal with them. And they shall learn too.

We’re all rooting for the true Filipe. And the ones who truly love and appreciate you are so too.



why we travel for the wrong reasons.

i’ve got the travel bug.

and i’ve got it bad.

nowadays i think a significant number of us can luckily say – ‘i’ve got it too’.

we seek mountains, rain forests, beaches and deserts.

exotic fruits, different shades of skin tone, architectural features and the taste of salty water.

meeting new faces.

reuniting with familiar ones.

having traveled so much the past few years, it’s got me thinking.

why do we love traveling so much? why is it so addictive? and why are some people content to stay put?

having returned from six months of my australian, new zealand and bali adventure – i thought i’d be okay taking a break.

but when post-exchange-blues kicked in i fled to Budapest, Berlin and Brussels, within the space of a few months.

i’ve obviously got a thing for B’s too.

all well and good… gin tonics were drunk, waffles were eaten, markets explored and people appreciated.

unforgettable memories.

but the wallet starts crying at some stage right? the fun can’t last forever.

so i decided i would take the travel planning down a notch. leave some free space in the calendar for the months of june, july and august.

and during some space time pondering, it hit me.

ultimately, we travel to escape. 

to escape our nine to five desk jobs and hop on a boat instead.

to leave the rain behind, and sizzle in the sun.

to stare out of an aeroplane window and get lost in a trail of thought.

to get out of the noisy city, and into the tranquil countryside.

to leave emotions behind, and evoke new ones, better ones.

to avoid dealing with difficult situations.

to take a break from uni life.

to ignore relationship problems or lack there of.

to not have any care, worries or responsibilities.

to be free.

to leave reality behind.

don’t get me wrong, i adore traveling.

it’s soul food.

it’s real life learning.

eye opening.

relationship finding.

and self discovery.

but two weeks later – you’re back to reality. 

on that flight back home i often find myself in a cumbersome lull, and i know the guy next to me doesn’t feel any different.

so i think the question we ought to be asking ourselves in these moments…

what is it i don’t like about my reality right now?

what exactly is it i like about traveling? the taste of the food? the adrenaline rush of jumping out of an aeroplane? or the freedom felt whilst standing on top of a mountain?

whatever it is, it may just lead you to your ideal reality.

i’m not saying stop traveling. let’s just stop running.

i just stepped off a plane to visit a sick family member and support the others.

now that’s a reason.

one of the many good ones.

what’s yours?

P.S. for all my german speaking readers – he speaks my language.

how i got my job(s): 9 job hunting tips

as some of you may know i’ve recently started working for yet another young start-up company named sportly – hint hint we’re all about sports 😉

we provide an online platform where individual trainers can offer their services and users can easily find great sports courses in their local area. booking online, no cash, no contracts and a great selection of courses.

the company is still in it’s early stages so we’re busy busy getting this thing up and running.

what do i do? marketing.

growth hacking, customer acquisition, admin work, texting and coming up real soon (i’m super excited) – developing sportly’s blog! all ideas welcome 🙂

if you have no clue what i’m on about – i write a lot.

so how did you land the job? good question.

a question that seems to pop up a lot. first off i want to say that jobs and work experience are extremely important, and choosing the right one, even more so. given that you will be spending a lot of time with these people, doing a lot of work for them which will ultimately curb your learning and future career opportunities, be picky god damn it!

like long-term-relationship-boyfriend-material-picky.

i’ve worked for all i need in the past, another awesome job, and i’m lucky enough to have landed this one too. people often ask me how i got there, so i figured i’d throw down some tips and techniques i’ve used in the past to get jobs. of course, to each their own – but this is what worked for me.

1. choose the company, not the position. whilst researching for jobs on the most popular austrian platforms, i found out pretty quickly that i was searching in the wrong place. large corporates, long hours for average pay and identical job descriptions. not what i was looking for. no matter what: research the companies and the positions will follow.

ask yourself: what does the company do? can i identify myself with the product or service? do i buy it? if not, i wonder, why would you be willing to sell it then?

i for one want to blatantly avoid large corporates for numerous reasons. and for anyone with similar thoughts – there’s a heck of a lot of small and medium sized enterprises out there, looking for young talent with great positions. an absolute labyrinth of mismatches due to lack of information and big player power.

i can only encourage people to look past main stream websites, go by brands, where do your friends work at? your parents? your parent’s friends? who’s happy in their job?

i found my job at sportly through a process of asking my professor, searching through facebook groups, linkedin, smartincs and what not. my application for all i need went in after my curiosity for their product led me to their homepage.

just sayin’: look a little further than the first three google hits.

2. be picky. i’ve mentioned it before, and i’ll mention it again. don’t apply to a hundred positions without even reading through the announcement or company description.

it’s marketing, i’ll take it.

do you know how long a good application takes? at least two hours i reckon, maybe even four. complete waste of time. you’ll hate the job or they’ll hate you.

long term relationship over before it even began.

3. put a lot of effort into your motivational/cover letter. i hope it’s a given that your CV should be up to scratch, no mistakes or typos too (if not – please go do that right now :D)

i scored some interviews through my motivational letters. don’t under estimate the power of a well written letter – be honest, be yourself and make sure to highlight your relevant skills for the position in mind.

i always went over the job description, company description and history – rewriting my motivational letters entirely, referring to their content and highlighting my skills and experiences needed for the position.  i often even went as far as looking up my future bosses to figure out the style of writing i will send in.

the trick is to identify the company’s culture (you should have already done that in step 1) now all you gotta do is speak their language.

4. use connections (linkedin). i recently landed a job interview simply by stumbling across the CEO of a company i loved and asking him if they had a vacancy, a week after sending in my motivational letter i was sitting in their office.

if you don’t have it, get it. and use it like a mofo.

the best way to land a job is through personal connections or referrals, although i prefer to go out and fight for myself. if you’re lucky enough – go that route, but remember to still prove you’re hire worthy in the interview.

5. be confident, but authentic. confidence can be difficult, especially in a stressful situation like an interview. i’ve somehow managed to boost mine over the years, but often still find myself shied down by strong personalities and big opportunities. it’s difficult to step outside of your comfort zone, but believe me, it pays off. you win or you learn.

my boss at sportly asked me in the interview if i’d be willing to do some blogging, although i had never touched wordpress or a blog before, i confidently said – i can do it, i’ll learn. and so i did.

it’s equally important to remain humble and grounded, no matter how far you get. no-one likes superficials. well they won’t get far with me anyway.

6. prep, prep, prep it. you’ve landed an interview? awesome. going in well prepared will not only help with the nerves and boost your confidence, but will wow the interviewers – check up on their website, blog, facebook feed, even go as far as looking at their linkedin profiles and what not. don’t forget to mention or refer to some of those facts during the interview or even congratulate them on their past successes.

because i applied to quite a few start-ups i always had a few ideas up my sleeve to bring in during the interview, don’t be afraid to give input, it shows you care.

7. ask questions. people like to talk or give advice. give the interviewer a chance to speak a few words of wisdom or use the interview as an opportunity to clear up any questions or concerns – you’re the picky one, remember 😉

8. don’t give up or lower your standards. i definitely feel like i’m giving dating advice at this stage. i did that once, and never again. the interview was a disaster, i didn’t like the interviewer, the colleagues or the workplace and i was one hundred percent happy to receive a rejection.

9. learn from your mistakes. messed up an interview? it’s ok. it happens. make sure to write down what mistakes you made, so they won’t happen next time.

not having any luck landing a job? go over the list again – am i applying to the right jobs? am i putting enough effort into my applications? am i preparing well enough for interviews?

hope it helps. you can do it. go get ’em dawg 😉

P.S. how did you land your job? what’s the most difficult thing about job hunting? let me know in the comments below, or drop me a mail.



new zealand: 10 day north island roadtrip

this country is definitely one of the most beautiful and diverse countries i’ve ever traveled to.

i’ll even go out on a limb and say, to this day, it’s my favourite one of all.

new zealand has so much to offer, especially when it comes to outdoor action and fun. we spent ten days traveling around the north island in yet another wicked campervan. every one of these days was completely jam packed with scheduled rafting trips, mountain hiking and what not. (thanks to me and laura going all austrian on the planning)

i can also safely say, i have never ever slept as well as on this trip. i’m usually a tosser, a turner and a frequent mid night loo go’er. i transformed into a full on – rock. exhausted and content.

we got our mega chill session on in Bali after all 😉 (post coming up soon too, i promise)

this was our ten day plan of action:

day 1: because our flight arrived pretty late we decided to stay at the nomads hostel in the centre of auckland. the hostel was fine, clean, what more do you want. we basically only had dinner and slept so i don’t have much to say about auckland – it’s a very small city, and when we arrived it was pretty much a ghost town. as i’ve already mentioned in my australian posts – don’t bother spending valuable time in the cities – they won’t live up to the architecture or food in europe.

but by god, the nature will!

10983418_10202927586984841_8811782895075921434_n(tongariro crossing)

day 2: van pick up at the wicked headquarter – which was a little in the back arse of nowhere – we got the train from britomart to penrose, and walked. if you’re planning ahead just stay near here, it’s way closer to the airport, we were just too many.

ready? set? go!

after some classic food and supply shopping (thames – great one stop town) we drove all the way up to the coromandel penninsula, to hot water beach. due to delays we missed out on cathedral cove – go! just saw a friend’s pic, amazeballs.

hot water beach – is not only beautiful, but it has mind blowing special effects too 😀 between certain times of low tide you can dig, dig, dig your way to a private jacuzzi on the beach.

yeah you heard me.

easier said than done though 😉 but with a few strong lads helping us out we were soon butt cheek deep in a warm, sometimes even scorching, pool of water.


our camping spot was a little far to drive so we asked a b&b just beside the beach if we could camp there – the owner was super friendly, and the spot was perfectly romantic too.


day 3: our third day had us splitting into two groups – the lord of the rings fans and …well…the others 😀

the lor dudes obviously headed off to hobbiton, but we decided to spend the afternoon mountain-biking in the redwoods at rotorua. and boy, i’m glad i did.


first time mountainbiking – big hit! the tracks gave me an unexpected adrenaline kick, the trees and vegetation were exotic and mystical and my body enjoyed the much needed workout.

we hired our bikes and helmets here – awesome light bikes, i think i would have fallen several more times if we didn’t have them, yes i did fall – only cause i’m hardcore. they also give you great track maps. to our rejoice – they even had showers (cost $1 or $2), a backpacker’s dream.

our campsite for the evening was one of the most beautiful of all – on the banks of lake rerewhakaaitu. basic camping, around $8 each – the most beautiful sundown view, to have some tea and a camping meal with.

i found most of our campsites here. again, go prepared or go home. we found ourselves snagging wi-fi to google search at burger king, and having a sundae too many, too freaking often.

day 4: only about a half hour drive from the lake was the famous wai-o-tapu active geothermal area. full of geysers, colourful hot springs and mud pools. although i found the bright neon colours somewhat impressive, the intense smell of sulfuric acid (rotten eggs) had me feeling queazy. and i was quite glad to sight the end of the trail when we did. on the plus side – the shop has cute outdoor clothes.



next pit stop: kerosene creek, bit of a tough one to find, but worth it. a natural hot pool situated along a river. basically it looks like a normal river, but then – BAM – it’s as warm as a hot tub. this place is just full of crazy ass side effects. lor must be real after all, damn shoulda went to hobbiton.

the creek is freely accessible, a lovely place to spend an afternoon swimming, picknicking and sipping beers at. for some reason (that i’m too lazy to google) you’re not supposed to dip your head under water, so don’t do that please.

campsite: reids farm in taupo (free). busy, busy – full of young backpackers, but we managed to get some good spots. along with some dramatic neighbours who started a fire with a gas cooker, and then proceeded to ‘kidnap’ some of our guys to a creek, although i don’t think they put up much of a fight.


day 5: we rose and shone early to have a quick look at the tremenduous huka falls. a waterfall, that’s astonishingly clear and powerful. it took us all of five minutes. good thing cause we were in a hurry to jump off things.


say what?

well…this is what i did

a few others followed with just a rope, head first. yeeeeah…maybe next time 😉

we then headed off to do some white water rafting. which was really cool and fun, and no you don’t get thrown overboard and die. you get to jump off a waterfall, which is pretty neat.

day 6: full day hike – tongariro crossing. possibly one of the most challenging and rewarding days of my life. if my memory serves me right it took us an entire eight and a half hours to complete the circuit including the mount doom summit. this part is a very steep ascent to the tippy top of the volcano, where you have to full on climb up rocks on all fours, for about two hours. once we reached the snow covered tip and peeked into the hollow volcano pit – our mission was complete.


a sandwich and a müsli bar never tasted so good. i was on top of the world again.


day 7: blackwater rafting and glowworm caves. although my nerves had me itching at the idea at first – entering an underground, water filled, small spaced cave. it all turned out pretty dandy. the experience was unique and memorable and definitely one to recommend. jumping around caves, the unique and beautiful stone features, and of course floating under a glow worm lit ceiling – which looked much like the outback night sky at night.

read about my outback adventures


day 8: we had a long drive to the bay of islands and unfortunately got a bad day of weather. the kayaking tour was booked in advance, and despite a few moans and groans before getting into wet suits in spit rain, we all had an absolute blast. our guide was totally chill, and we even managed to sneak a few ‘water bottles’ on board. we had an amazing day, i can only imagine the great views on a clear skyed one.


day 9: my van had to get back to auckland early, but the others headed to waipoua forest, to see a tree 😀 reports say it was impressive. on our last night of camping i decided to not let any food go to waste and cook up a storm with my french sous chef – antoine. rice for daaays 😀

day 10: dramatic steve moments due to wicked being *a lot of curse words* – they claimed vans weren’t clean enough, after having them professionally cleaned by their ‘recommended partner’. function wise the vans were awesome – we fit everything, and i must say the rooftop tents were easy to use and comfy. after being charged extra for something so ridiculous and staff’s behaviour, i’d think twice next time. if you do decide to hire with wicked be careful and be aware, make sure that everything is spanking clean (including dishes) upon return.


– book activites on => book me nz, it will save you A LOT.

– bring warm clothes & sleeping bag. we went in december, temperature were mild during the day but very cold at night.

– buy sim cards (in any country) if you are traveling with people and if you’re staying for longer than a week. it’s worth it.

– look up campsites or have map/internet.

– don’t worry about food shopping too much, there’s stores and restaurants everywhere.

– if you’re coming from australia, yes they do charge you even if you’re with ANZ, crazy right?

– go visit this drop dead gorgeous country.




10 reasons why you should ride a bike

I purchased my first bike when I was living in Adelaide – mainly because the public transport sucked big time, which luckily saved me a lot of time and hastle.

We also did a day of mountain biking in rotorua in NZ – which was an awesome adrenaline kick, riding through one of the most beautiful and exotic forests I’ve ever seen.

From then on, walking just seemed to wind down to a slow motion means of transport. So soon after my return from Australia (read about my experiences here), I managed to score a good deal on shpock and am now cruising through the streets of Vienna too.

Although I do leave my companion at home in times of rain, every other day – I’m absolutely loving it…

…there’s some kind of freedom you can’t explain…to whizzing through the streets, wind in your hair and music in your ears. ( I always have to hold back from breaking out into a shimmy whilst waiting at red lights 😀 )

So if you haven’t joined the spinning club these are another 10 reasons why you should get on your bikes lads !

1. It’s an easy and fun way of tricking yourself into doing exercise.


2. you’ve probably heard of those ice caps melting and all.


3. transformation: traffic ninja.


4. you say parking space? NO problemo


5. you’ve got an excuse to listen to this

….and for all my deutsch speaking peeps

6. now let’s be honest, people on public transport…


7. it’ll be the best investment you’ve ever made – savin’ them biiiiills. get your vienna city bike – €1 registration and free hourly rates here.


8. it get’s your energy levels way up above that third cup of morning coffee.


9. you get to soak in the views like this => the best way to sight-see is on a bike 😉


…… plus you’re probably faster than the people sitting in that tram


10. and hey Channing says its cool


What are you waiting for? Get on it.



a day at entrepreneurship avenue

Yesterday I spent the whole day at uni. Willingly. And it was awesome.

Entrepreneurship Avenue is Austria’s largest start-up event for students. The one day conference offers a variety of talks, workshops, panel discussions, speed-recruiting rounds and pitches.

If you’ve got no clue what I’m talking about give this post a go – what the hell is entrepreneurship anyway?

Inspirational stuff.

My day kicked off with a speed recruiting session with the company treats. A young start-up who offer healthy nutritional snacks to work places with a unique display and also to individuals through an online store. They are currently still in testing phase. We hit it off immediately and had a great chat, hopefully we’ll get to work together in the future. The downside to speed recruiting is the lack of time, so make it count 😉

There then followed a panel discussion regarding founding in Austria. Highlighting the fact that Vienna needs to step up it’s game to attract young companies. Most are migrating to London or Berlin – one of the reasons why I absolutely fell in love with the German capital on my recent trip.


Later on we had a workshop named ‘grow your start-up’ with one of the outfittery founders. Who have done an awesome job in providing guys with an easy to use styling service. He talked about the best and cheapest means of marketing – for their company. A large emphasis is set on facebook, PR, vouchers and most importantly – DATA. It’s all about customer life value, trackable numbers, covering customer acquisition costs, calculations and using a combination of different channels. What was also very interesting to find out is that they don’t even really bother with instagram and pinterest etc. – as there are simply too many products and too little purchases from these channels. I must say I think this is absolutely correct for the men’s industry, and also a reason why they don’t approach bloggers. Men don’t browse for new products on instagram or read fashion blogs. Women on the other hand do, that’s why zalando is hitting the bloggers scene big time. I for instance often purchase new products I have stumbled across on instagram. All in all, unfortunately it was a little too short to get deeper insights, but it was great to get an overview of their marketing strategy tackling the men’s fashion industry. They did a great job in identifying the everyday man’s problem of – what to buy? rather than for us women the question is where to buy? – and subsequently meeting this with a high quality service.

Next up: ‘Feed the Sharks’, where founders pitched for 90 seconds to the audience and a panel of some of Austria’s top investors; Michael Altrichter, Hansi Hansmann and Oliver Holle. After the founder’s pitch – they were hit up with intense questions that could easily throw them. It was entertaining to say the least! Some companies like treats., did an awesome job and brushed off the harsh questions easily. Others got eaten alive. It just goes to show how important a perfect pitch is – the three most important things to watch out for is to get your product / service idea across so that everyone understands it, explain the business model and underline exactly how you’re going to make money.


Got a great kick out of this slide 😀

Antoher reason to go 😉 – warm lunch, snacks and coffee were provided all day ! Anja and I got all excited when we found some all i need – as we’re currently doing a marketing project on it.


Second workshop of the day was named Start-Up A-Z. This was stuff I’ve already heard on several occasions, especially during my studies at Uni. It covered all the basics on entrepreneurship and how to build a start up, so for someone who is new to this it’s a great basic guideline. I’ll write a seperate post outlining these at a later date 😉

The Pitch Award, included pitches from teams that had only started working on their idea a couple of months ago. And what they came up with was more than impressive. The winners included Gatherer & JobSwipr – who both did an awesome job!


Markus Pichler’s talk about founding Daily Deal Austria straight out of college was very inspring to hear. Encouraging us to get out there and do it, ‘you’re opportunity cost will never be as low as now!’


Big thanks to the entrepreneurship avenue team for organising this great event – hope to see you at the next conference 😉



what the hell is entrepreneurship anyway?

Had to get last semester’s books out for this one.

An entrepreneur is anyone that identifies a need in the market and subsequently uses this knowledge to take action and exploit this need. Everyone’s got an idea – but entrepreneurs are those who actually go out and do it.


The most obvious example of entrepreneurship is the process of starting a business or organisation.

So most of the time it’s just a fancy way of saying – starting your own company.

But it exceeds that function – it also covers the development and management of the company, and the subsequent risks involved.

Personality traits and beliefs of an entrepreneur:

1. internal locus of control: believing that your life events are strongly dependant on your own actions.

2. need for independence.

3. willingness to take risks.

4. a fan of ambiguity: likes situations of the unknown, is more fascinated by it, than intimidated by it.

5. need for achievement.

They also tend to have certain biases….

1. Overoptimism

2. Representative Bias: seeing one thing, and applying that knowledge to everything.

3. Status Quo Bias: using past experiences and alternatives, without reflection, again.

These traits and Biases can also be a negative thing btw – their not superheroes after all !

Innovation is a new idea – often a more effective product or process. Although entrepreneurship is closely linked to innovation it doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she is the inventor or has discovered a certain ressource. Take the example they drive into our minds at Uni day in day out…

Red Bull (which is Austrian btw) and Dietrich Mateschitz; one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Did he invent red bull? Nope. He took the exact same drink from Asia, repackaged, rebranded, marketed like a crazy mofo and BAM a 5.3 billion empire. I still find it baffling how a heart attack in a can, can get so much attention in the sports scene, but that’s another ramble topic.

What am i ? For now I’m a passionate wantrapreneur but I have every intention of becoming a full on entrepreneur.



yes to rights.

the past week my feed has been absolutely flooded with referendum news, discussions and to my content it seems that YES is winning over Irish hearts…

pictures of migrants sending their support back home and oldies giving the cutest statements into iphone cameras.

but once I realised just how much the social media wave is impacting people’s mind set and will hopefully influence the referendum outcome, a little sigh snuck up on me.

abortion is illegal in ireland. And there has not been a referendum in recent years to resolve this issue to this day. people of our time have not been given the choice to reflect, to weigh up the arguments….. or to have a voice.

Now on my part….I think it’s a situation that everyone should avoid in every way possible.

But in reality – sh*t happens.

Sometimes you forget to take the pill, sometimes condoms seep and sometimes you’re that 1% chance even if you were being careful.

And where in the hell is the line? Isn’t contraception just as controversial? But hey, good news is we can get the morning after pill over the Boots counter without a prescription.

And who the hell are we to judge a situation we haven’t been in ourselves?

Women like Savita Halappanavar have died.

This pro life bullshit action has caused actual death.

Now love. Love. That’s something that you can’t take away from a couple. Straight or gay. Married or not.

But taking away a woman’s right to control her own body, her own life. Is simply sickening, and should have been dealt with years ago.

Women should have the CHOICE. Whatever path she decides to take should be up to her. Freedom they call it.

So go vote Ireland. Go vote YES to gay marriage.

And then get your liberal asses back online and tear down that god damn eighth amendment.

#yesforequality #yesforwomensrights

land down under: east coast

Next up : Spring Break !

Our second major roadtrip had us travelling all the way from Cairns to Brisbane (and beyond). One thing that has become very, and I mean VERY apparent throughout our trips, is how god damn large Australia really is. And how god damn long it takes to get from one place to another. I mean it’s the size of Europe…that’s approximately 50 countries (yes I did just google that). So traveling this distance – over 2000 kms – was covering a trip from France down to Greece (yes according to google maps). And all that in just two weeks!

Impressive, no?

Well that’s not all we managed to do. We somehow had quite the gang with us, that gang being twenty-five people representing eight countries from Europe and North America – nope no sight nor sound of an Australian, packed into five campervans. It was an adventure to say the least! Somehow Kris and I found ourselves organising a lot of the activities and trips. Soon, (and I really don’t know how this came about) we became known as the ‘Mommy and Daddy’ of the group. The nicknames have stuck with us, for better or for worse, ever since.

And these are the highlights we came up with…

Prep and Booking :

The only time I found myself in an actual project meeting room at our library, was for planning our trips. Seriously though, we had like a projected map of Australia and all. It was hard work. Anyways…before you start calculating the distance from Adelaide to Cairns, and what that is in European measurement I’ll let you know that we flew up to Cairns and back from Brisbane. Phew. Flight bookings were with Jetstar and Tiger air, two of the cheapest airlines going in Australia. Although we went peak season and had to put in a few extra bob, off peak you can get around Australia between $10-$50 one way.


I then took the quest upon me to find the best value for money deals on transport vehicles. This was by no means easy and somewhat time consuming. I initially found our campervans and requested a quote here. But given that we were hiring several vans I decided to contact the rental company – camperman – directly. They were very helpful with all of our enquiries and booking requests. On a whole we were extremely happy with them and I would definitely recommend them. We also got discounts simply by asking, so if you’re going in a large group or you get a better offer make sure to bargain your way to the best prices and free extras. That rule stuck with us for pretty much everything and everywhere.


To keep the immense suspense, I won’t mention what tours & activities we booked until further down in the post. As we were trying to keep budgets low we didn’t partake in many tours. But I do genuinely recommend shopping around online and booking tours and activities prior to a trip, so you won’t be disappointed on the day and it saves you a few penneys too 😉

Upon arrival we immediately picked up our vans and headed to the nearest shopping complex to stock up on food and essentials big time. Although we were all expert campers by the end of the trip, other groups only stocked for about 2 days and had to refill asap. A safe bet is buying almost all dry ingredients upon arrival, we had enough room and repurchased fresh goods regularly. Cause I think we’d all rather spend the day chilling on the beach or surfing a wave rather than hanging out in a grocery store isle… if you get my drift.


Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation:

Having spent a night in Cairns we made our way up to Daintree Rainforest early morning. On our way we stopped off to do the crocodile tour…if you squint real hard you can see a baby one in the pic below 😉

IMG_1214A gang of about ten of us decided to do a guided walking tour through the rainforest at cooper creek. Already driving through the tropical back roads got me excited and walking through the mystical forest didn’t disappoint.

IMG_1247      IMG_1278

I think the highlight for all of us was taking a dip in the creek to cool off. We had it all to ourselves, the nature scene that surrounded us like something out of a picture book (bad translation of a great german phrase – ‘Wie aus dem Bilderbuch’). Bilingual problems. The guide then showed us around the forest and helped us discover animals and vegetation we would never have seen or noticed had she not pointed it out to us. The tour finished off with some unexpected, ant butt licking. Yeah you heard me…and they taste like lemon too 😀

IMG_1289In the evening we ran into some difficulties trying to track the other vans. Good insider tip: there is no cell phone reception past the ferry point at the Daintree Rainforest. Knowing that could have saved us a heck of a lot of time ……. and french curse words.

Anywho…we camped at the cape tribulation campsite which serves top notch stone oven pizzas 😉 I rose early morning the next day and decided to go for a quick run along the beautiful cape trib promenade. No soul in sight. Bliss.


Once everyone got up we had a cosy breakfast under the palm trees on the beach. We then drove a couple of kms up to the cape trib lookout where we spent a couple of hours, swimming, strolling along the beach and taking in the view.

Cape trib was truly spectacular and I wish we could have spent more time in this paradise!

IMG_1349   IMG_1377       IMG_1381 IMG_1380 

Airlie Beach / Whitsunday Island Sailing Tour:

Another big thing we booked in advance was the Habibi sailing tour through the Whitsunday Islands.This was the ABSOLUTE HIGHLIGHT of the entire trip. It was an out of this world experience, felt much like a long lasting day dream I didn’t want to wake up from. For three days, we were living it up on a boat – sailing amongst the sandy whitsunday islands, snorkeling the colourful great barrier reef, enjoying the sunsets, getting tipsy, partying til dawn (lol jk, we were asleep by 9pm) and enjoying the crew’s funny company and great food.



IMG_1457IMG_1423 10703638_10154695650700075_7080468682350501093_n 10686597_10154695650685075_4679403167376679974_n IMG_1474 +

I remember having a ten minute – appreciate this moment and remember it forever – experience. And so I will.


Not a care in the world – happiness defined.


Agnes Waters:

Here we had an awesome day surfing, or attempting to 😉 Book your $17 lessons here.

10623363_10203559668851269_6449842507042780323_o1798283_10152524943923089_3707100942874608960_n 1926231_10203559664051149_8104214910926402326_o

Also make sure to check out the 1770 look out point – it’s gorgeous !

Byron Bay:

This is the hippie beach of the goald coast, with the hottest surfer dudes and the cutest coffee shops. It was love at first sight. Us girls enjoyed strolling around town browsing the stores whilst the boys surfed and kicked soccer balls around the bay.

We joined them later for some hot-surfer-eyeing.


This too was a place I would have loved to stay at for a longer period. Definitely one to come back to.


‘Mom, just to let you know…I jumped out of a plane yesterday…it was awesome’ was the text I sent back to Ireland from Brisbane. I thought I wouldn’t worry my parents prior to taking the leap 😉

As you may have guessed, ten members of our gang decided to do a skydive (Groupon) , from 4267m above the ground to be precise. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

The excitement. The views of Brisbane’s magnificent bay out of the plane. Rising above the clouds. The nerve wracking image of my co-jumpers disappearing under the plane. The adrenaline rush when you actually JUMP OUT OF A FREAKING PLANE. The gliding. And the perfect landing upon the beach, hands still tremoring with excitement. ‘Let’s go again!’ we all proclaimed.


Some day.

So this post won’t go on forever, I’ve put together other important pitstops:

Cairns, wouldn’t bother spending much time here, the beach isn’t nice and not much to see in the town area.

Magnetic Island a beautiful island day trip !

Surfers paradise, beautiful beach by a big party city – had a fun night out !


… and some memories I’ll never forget:

– Mark calling 911 cause of insane ‘wild’ fires, turns out it was farmers burning cane sugar 😀

– iiiiii reckon

– getting tipsy on the back seats of vans

– sky high fines (buckle up and don’t speed !)

– cooking cozy dinners and bbqs with the fam, sitting around the tables in camping chairs with sleeping bags wrapped around us, sipping on goon.

– Getting shot at with goon-guns


– van theme dress up night: the mothership, girly van, french aka army van, the captains van and the one van that broke down

– literally thinking I spotted a whale in my hungover-I’m-on-a-boat-delirium…well… it was a rock…a big one that is 😀 Good news is everyone laughed and we actually did spot dolphins a few minutes later.

– & many many more !

….thanks for the memories guys, you’re the best and i miss ye all heaps!